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What our visitors say about us.....

Welcome to Wine White Castle Vineyard

Our aim is to produce Quality Welsh Wines

We are very passionate about what we do here at White Castle Vineyard and are always striving to be as good as we possibly can be.

We feel very privileged to have a vineyard here in Abergavenny.

White Castle Vineyard is a small Welsh vineyard situated near the market towns of Abergavenny and Monmouth it is owned and run by Robb and Nicola Merchant.

Having purchased the 12 acre small holding in 1995 they converted the milking parlour into their home a year later, however it was 2008 before the dream of owning a vineyard become a reality, the 5 acre gently sloping, south facing field was purchased, soil tests were performed and vines ordered.

May 2009 saw the planting of 4000 vines, the varieties of vines planted were Pinot Noir, Regent, Rondo, Seyval Blanc & Phoenix, now there was no turning back, May 2010 saw a further planting of 800 vines this variety being Siegerrebe.

Robb & Nicola have attended Plumpton College East Sussex to study viticulture, this training giving them the skills needed to produce quality Welsh Wines.

The Scott Henry trellising system was erected in 2010 with the help of family members. The first harvest taking place through October 2011.


We believe that quality wine making starts in the vineyard.

We have carefully selected varieties that we know will grow well in our soil and produce grapes of the highest possible quality in the micro climate of the vineyard.

The grapes are closely monitored, as they ripen they will be carefully hand harvested and selected, then immediately transported to the winery for pressing to ensure we retain all the freshness and fruity aromas intact.

Red Varieties

Pinot Noir
One of the most ancient and noble of all grape varieties. It is the classic grape for red Burgundy but is also an important element of sparkling wines.

One of the new generation varieties bred for quality it will produce a medium bodied wine with excellent fruit and tanning balance.

Produces wines with very good colour and style and overtones of classic red varieties.  

White Varieties

Considered similar to Sauvignon Blanc in character

Seyval Blanc
Is well suited to oak aging and used for still or sparkling wines. Single varietal wines offer crisp acidity, with quite neutral flavours.

A small berried and intensely aromatic variety. 

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