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After the harvest, the grapes are taken into a winery and prepared for primary ferment. At this stage red wine making diverges from white wine making. Red wine is made from the must of red or black grapes and fermentation occurs with the grape skins, giving color.

Fabulous couple of hours spent learning not only about the wine, but the personal story and passion behind the business. Probably the warmest, most genuine, personal ‘guided tour’ we have been on, delivered by Rob who is not only incredibly knowledgable but fun, friendly, full of anecdotes and stories and happy to share his knowledge. We spent time wandering through the vines tasting the different types of grape (we were lucky to visit just before harvesting time), followed by a relaxed and informative wine tasting - 4 types of wine to test with Rob guiding us through each one. They were all fantastic. There is absolutely no pushy selling at all, but of course you fall a little bit in love with the place and wanting to take a little bit of the magic away with us, we came away with a box of wine which we will enjoy along with the memories. Highly recommended way to pass a couple of hours


Some of the best reds I have tried in the UK! Really refreshing and unique whites and just an all round beautiful vineyard.


This little jaunt was bought for me by my wife as a Christmas gift. I am - or at least was, but I'm not so sure now after this visit - more of a whisky man and have visited many distilleries so am familiar with the 'guided tour' and 'masterclasses' bit. But hey, if you think you know a lot about wine then have a chat with this pair and you are just about to learn a whole lot more. A delightful couple whose motivation for success is a driven solely by a desire to produce high quality wines whilst enjoying a quality of life most of us dream of, it is quite possible to take a cupful of their conversation and squeeze their pure enthusiasm out of it. What more can I say, other than it really completed my Christmas. Oh, nearly forgot, we bought a mixed case - natch - but were delighted to see they do mail order as well. It doesn't matter, because we will be back. And the wine? Well, it's not cheap but then again this is not a cheap wine shop; go to your local 'offie' for that. The whole range is of very good quality - just take a look for yourself at the certificates on the walls - and well worth the relatively modest cost for such a fine tipple. A cracking afternoon out, thanks to both.


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