Good bye 2018 Welcome 2019

A Happy New Year to you all and may 2019 turn out to be your best year ever!

At the start of 2019 I feel this is an ideal opportunity to thank all our visitors for their valued support throughout the years and we look forward to welcoming you to our Vineyard on this our 10th Anniversary year. A dream became a reality as we planted our first vines 11th May 2009 a milestone in itself and now 10 years on.

Robb and I have often said what a journey we have had and every year brings new and exciting opportunities for us and long may it last as we have new ideas and ambitions for our quality award winning Welsh wines and welcoming visitors to our vineyard.

To share our vineyard news is paramount and our visitors often relate to what news they have read when they visit us her at the vineyard, a reflection of seasonal changes in the vineyard highlights the farming challenges we face year on year. Take a look at our news page News and see what a year 2018 was for us.

This year a new chapter in my life unfolds as I am now retired from my profession as a District nurse.

January’s short days and chilly temperatures have indeed been good for the vineyard and on that note we have already begun winter pruning, this activity is the start of the growing season and will hopefully achieve a harvest as bountiful and of premium quality as 2018.

We have 5000 vines to hand prune and so we shall be kept busy for the next few weeks and let’s not forget we still have to tie each cane down to the wire once we are out of the threat of late frost, a precautionary measure on our part in the event of “Jack Frost” paying us a visit as the season moves on.

A further planting of vines has been in the pipeline for a while and this year “our 10th Anniversary” is perfect timing i would say.

Early May is scheduled and so ground preparation will soon be underway.

I can recall those thousands of canes and rabbit guards as if it were yesterday and not 10 years ago, still exciting times ahead and of course more vines to prune come next year!

As always our News page will keep you up to date with all the goings on here, events shall be posted and to date the diary is filling up nicely.

You shall be sure of a warm welcome to White Castle Vineyard and may your visit this year be the first of many.    Regards  Nicola & Robb.

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