Autumn has well and truly arrived with Grape harvest 2022 well underway.

We kickstarted with the First ever harvest from our 2019 planting of Pinot Noir Précoce.

This year we have had great support at harvest time from our Adopt a vine holders who joined our current “A team” of helping hands.

Grape harvesting by hand is an experience that rewards with the fruits of our labour throughout the year in the vineyard, therapeutic springs to mind.

Our yields so far have been indicative of a dry, hot summer, with high temperature degree growing days resulting in smaller grapes with intense flavours.
At one point concerns with regards to no rainfall were paramount, on the back of a dry winter our soil moisture reserves were taken to the extreme. A new planting of Phoenix and Pinot Noir Précoce in May were definitely a concern, and then the rain came, the grapes continued to swell Hooray..
Our vineyard tours have been truly wonderful, our visitors have the chance to escape the madding crowd and embrace the great outdoors.
Stroll amongst row after row of lush vine leaf boasting sunkissed grapes, I would say now is the best time of year to visit and see for yourself the wonders of grape growing in Wales.
On return to the cellar door you may taste and savour our array of White Castle quality award winning Welsh wines which can be served on the terrace with a panoramic view of the vineyard.
White Castle Siegerrebe 2021 triumphed in this years WineGB wine competition and Robb and I were delighted to have been awarded Wales Regional winner 2022 the second year running to achieve this accolade.
Barrel talk, many of you may have seen our new addition to White Castle Vineyard 4 Barrels all proudly displaying our brand and soon to be full of wine.
New release wines are on the horizon and include our renowned “1581” vintage 2019 and (Barrel 48 limited release) perfect for the festive season.
Cabernet franc is yet to be harvested and it’s a first for us and first in Wales, watch this space…..all good things come to those who wait.
To date we have harvested our Robust Rondo, Pinot Noir Précoce, Regent, Phoenix and Seyval Blanc with the help of family, friends and many Adopt a vine holders.
We were delighted to be joined by Matt Albright and his camera crew from “The One Show” for a days harvesting and the sun shone wonderfully, a great day was had by all.
Next time I shall be sharing the harvest news on our Cabernet Franc, all eyes 👀 in the UK wine industry are watching and waiting. Cabernet Franc grown in Wales, who’d have thought!!